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Brilliant Tips For Foreigners in Japan

Japanese people are understanding and very hospitable towards other cultures. They are more than willing to help foreigners & tourists. You will see that they always have a polite and positive attitude. They can find it difficult to communicate in English at times and that is why you have to be patient when you are trying to communicate with them. However, there are some important things you should remember when you visit Japan. You should stick to Japanese etiquette so as not to disappoint your hosts. These rules must be strictly adhered to when traveling in Japan.

  • Following Rules – in Japan, people always follow rules and never question the ones that exist. People here are very obedient and make sure that the rules are not questioned. For instance, if the road is clear you still cannot cross the road unless the crosswalk is not green. You cannot litter around when you are in Japan. Using a public trash can is very important and you need to carry your garbage unless you find a can where you can throw it. These are some of the examples of how the Japanese follow their rules.
  • Speaking Loudly – Speaking loudly when you are in Japan is considered to be bad etiquette. You should always keep your voice down when talking. Especially when you are in public transportation because people like to maintain silence in these places. You should talk in a soft voice when you are amidst other people. You should also remain cool when talking with others. Don’t get irritated or impatient.
  • Talking on the Phone – it is interesting to see that Japanese people have a very strict set of mannerisms which they follow on a regular basis. Talking on the phone when you are on public transport is seriously considered to be bad manners. You can surely text and surf the internet till the time it is not making any kind of major noise. Use your headphones if you listen to music.
  • Wear Decent Clothes – you should wear decent clothes when you are in Japan. People in Japan are always dressed nicely and you should do as well. Wear decent clothes when you are in this country. Their clothing style is influenced by contemporary modern clothing and it is very much positive. You can pair yourself with subtle jeans and Japanese hat to look decent. It is considered to be a good value when you wear decent clothes. You can also try wearing their traditional clothes. It will surely help you look handsome.

Japanese people are punctual and they follow their rules at all times. When you are in Japan, you should abide by these rules as well. There are several brands offering wonderful Japanese clothing and fashion accessories to the people.