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4 Ways to Make Your Weave Last Longer

The appearance of ladies on weave pleases everyone. Women enjoy weaving too since they give their hair a break. Taking care of weaves takes away the bad feeling of its damage before time. Nowadays ladies know better where to find weaves. However, Harlem Hair Company amazes with beautiful virgin hair extensions. Weave hair is easy to maintain and you can avoid frustration by knowing how to maintain it. Do not neglect your natural hair while taking care of extensions. Weave hair is equally important as your natural hair. This article gives tips on how to take care of your weave as much as you can to ensure it lasts longer.

Go to bed with your head covered

During the night, all you do is rest. Your body does not understand that you have weave hair on your head. Your head moves in all directions. To avoid hair damage, ensure you use a satin scarf to cover your head. This way you’ll avoid getting dry weave hair. So, keep your hair moist by covering it while asleep.

Wash, wash, wash your hair

Dirty hair itches. So, if you have a shampoo and a conditioner then you’re good to go. Pick a day in a week or two to clean your hair. Use warm water and shampoo to remove oil completely. Avoid scrubbing your weave so hard. Also, hair conditioner does well in your hair especially the leave-in conditioner which is applied after washing your hair. This gives you a good feeling and your head will feel cool once you use hair conditioner. But be sure to dry your hair completely to avoid a weird smell on your head. So give yourself at least one hour for your hair to dry out.

Buy anti-itching oil

An itchy scalp might not necessarily be caused by an unclean head. Some people’s skin is sensitive and easily itches which can make you hate weaves. However, this is not it all. You can still have your extension and purchase an anti-itching product. The product will keep your head cool throughout the day. Some of these products might be unfavorable to you, but choose the one compatible with your skin. Some women choose to mix them up while others love a single product.

Regular maintenance

Make it a routine to comb your hair as needed. Your comb must be your best friend at this moment. Besides, you’ll look good and decent with a combed hair weave. Synthetic hair impresses when you brush it regularly but if you have human hair, then brushing might not work. So, consider using oils for this and also make your weave appear new. To help it last longer keep oiling your weave and enjoy the amazing look.

From the above tips, it’s worth noting that you can make your weave last longer. Start by wearing a scarf to bed to keep your hair warm and protected from damage. Also, be sure to wash your hair to remove grease with a good shampoo. Remember to always keep your hair dry. Finally, follow any given maintenance instructions like brushing synthetic weave regularly. And if wearing human hair, be sure to oil it to keep it moist and impressive.