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Cross Tattoos Are Universal -Crossed the Realm Of Religion

The word tattoo is derived from the Tahitian term “tatau,” meaning to inscribe something, and the following Polynesian term “ta,” meaning to strike something. A tattoo is an art involving design depicted on the outer layer of the skin painted with ink. Small penetrating needles are used to inject ink into the skin of the wearer. The ink is injected into the dermis layer of the skin surrounded by the epidermis layer to have a long-lasting effect. As the ink remains on the dermis layer, the tattoo becomes almost perpetual. The outer layer of skin, the epidermis, keeps on shedding dead cells and producing new ones so that the tattoo would have faded with time.

Some rustic Egyptian themes are enchanting. 

You can unshackle your wild imagination and vision as you choose one from templates; each one is a masterpiece. You can paint a tattoo on any body part, but the upper arm, upper back, the lower leg is most preferred to a full-fledge tattoo to showcase your creativity. A tattoo on the shoulder blade of a beautiful lady, lower back, or leg adds a zing; it can sometimes become a head-turner. Some rustic Egyptian themes involving the union of femininity and masculinity and flow of life are favorites among the fair sex. A Celtic cross tattoo gives grain of salt, a touch of soft sophistication in their overall appearance. The finely delicate integrated design of the Celtic cross works wonders on their sensuality, or she can choose other cross tattoos of other sizes and facets to suit her fashion.

Cross tattoos are universal; they have crossed the realm of religion, geo-political boundaries. Many choose a cross tattoo in their first endeavor or after many drawings of tattoos in their bodies. Cross tattoos are versatile, universal, and never get out of fashion, a perpetual fashion statement on the skin.  

The Maltese cross

Unlike the Catholic cross, the Maltese cross consists of four arrowheads curved in quadrilaterals converging to the center of the cross. It is a legacy from the Knights of Malta, very close to every savior’s heart, such as policemen and firefighters. You can find this symbol on many Catholic flags, armor, and logos. This tattoo can clearly show your chivalry traits.

Christian cross

Catholic cross is supposedly the most liked and used tattoo all over the world. This Christian cross is the embodiment of the core teaching of Jesus, his sufferings and pain for the salvation of fellowmen. For many, these cross tattoos represent the Resurrection rising above the suffering. This Catholic cross tattoo is an inspiration to triumph over seven vices to enter into eternal peace.

Ankh cross

The Ankh cross or key of life is an Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol that represents immortality. Egyptian gods and goddesses are often painted with the Ankh in their hands, depicting a world the eternal world. Like the Celtic cross, this symbol is renowned for the teardrop outline at the head of the cross. You will find different sizes of Ankh cross in choose one and wear on your hand in shades of gold to express the essence of life, as the symbol was often used in Egyptian art to signify the word “LIFE.”