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Here’s why your new home needs an interior decorator

You have designed the perfect home, and it’s time to add the finishing touches. An interior decorator specializes in that. Firstly, let’s clear the difference between an interior decorator and interior designer. Interior designers are required to work closely with architects, and they are involved in how the house will look like. For instance, if you have to remove a wall, or extend the kitchen, you need a designer for that. So, what does an interior decorator do? They specialize in aesthetics. They can create the ambience you want from the house, keeping your personal tastes in mind. In this post, we are sharing more on why your new home needs a Philadelphia interior decorator.

Get professional assessment

What kind of furniture should you buy? What is your existing theme? Do you need to buy additional wall art? If not, what can be reused from your existing belongings? An interior decorator can give you a professional assessment of the space, and that can help in creating a budget. 

Save time and effort

Another big reason why people want an interior decorator is to save time and effort. If you find the right service, you don’t need to monitor the day-to-day tasks. Your decorator will work on a timeline and get the house ready for you to move in. Also, these are professional with contacts, and they can help in procuring goods from the right sources. 

Achieve your aesthetic requirements

Your home is your personal space, and understandably, you want to customize every aspect of it. You need an interior decorator to ensure that your aesthetic objectives are met. Professional decorators know how to work around a budget and get the look at the client wants, without compromising on function. 

Finding the right interior decorator

This is another aspect to consider. As in any profession, not all interior decorators are same, so do your homework before choosing one. The internet is a good resource for finding options, or you can always ask around. When you meet someone, ask about their work profile, homes and spaces they have designed, and check their pricing. Work ethics of the interior decorator is just as important. The right person will take the time to know your needs and put in effort to achieve your expectations. Also, do ask for a clear contract and timeline for the project in advance, along with the estimate. 

The first meeting with interior decorators is usually complementary, which is another advantage.