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Reasons Why Bamboo is A Better Clothing Option Than Cotton

Bamboo grows without any usage of pesticides, whereas some of the non-organic kinds of cotton require 1/3 pounds of fertilizers for each pound. Though organic cotton has strived a lot to create less impact on the environment, but the process is not yet perfect. The limited methods of weeding strategies and composted manures trap the beneficial insects and that may result in crop waste. Bamboo is resistant to infecting pathogens and insects automatically. From the time it has been innovated, there has been a great search for women bamboo clothing and it will keep growing in the years to come.

Why Bamboo Clothing Is Better Than Cotton?

There are various reasons why bamboo clothing is considered superior to cotton viscose fabric. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Softer Than Cotton – Egyptian cotton is a fancy  viscose fabric and is therefore quite expensive. The quality of bamboo viscose is considered similar to Egyptian cotton and silk but is less expensive than they are. Women bamboo clothing is the preferred viscose fabric because it is amazingly soft and hypoallergenic. Anyone can wear it without the fear of getting allergic reactions to their skin. You cannot be so sure with the cotton  Viscose Fabric.
  • Bamboo Smells Better – One of the extraordinary properties of bamboo is that it is equipped with antimicrobial properties which are known as “bamboo Kun”. These antimicrobial agents reduce the bacteria that survive on cotton and the human skin. The smell is caused because of the antibacterial properties and as the bamboo  viscose fabric has those natural bio-agents it keeps the smell away from the clothes.
  • Stronger Than Cotton – Viscose material from bamboo is the most affordable and strongest viscose fabric to wear while you are at home or going to sleep. Shirts, pants, bedsheets, and towels will last for several years because of their strength and durability. The caring methods of bamboo viscose fabric are quite simple and do not involve any special process.
  • Requires Less Water To Grow Than Cotton – Bamboo requires one-third the amount of water required to grow cotton. Farmers do not have the necessary water to grow their crops and as it has become a bounded commodity. Bamboo is a self-sufficient crop that doesn’t require much irrigation. It uses given water efficiently than cotton trees do.

The bamboo clothing aims towards eco-consciousness and higher comfort levels. After being soft to wear and cool to touch, it offers you clothes that are green for the human body as well as humanity.