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Check out these recommendations and buy luxury lingerie online

To learn how to buy Luxury lingerie, it is also essential to consider your style. That is, always give preference to the colors and prints you like best. If you like more neutral pieces, like white, black and transparent, go looking for pieces with this style. If you like to dare, there are several models for this, such as lace, intense colors and traditional leopard prints. The rule is to feel beautiful and safe.

Bras with greater coverage at the neckline are ideal for women who want to disguise the size of their breasts. They are great for support. The cup shape adapts to different needs and still earns points for comfort. Take advantage of this model to make the piece appear in the look with wide, open t-shirts on the side. 

Assess the material quality

The quality of the material is an indisputable factor, especially when we are talking about luxury lingerie. This aspect makes all the difference in durability, fit and safety when wearing lingerie. Our tip is to evaluate all the fabric, seams and textures before taking the bra, panties or any type of clothing.

If the piece is too soft, it will not firm up your silhouette as it should. Therefore, the fabric must be firm. Remember that models with thick and excess seams can mark the body and clothing. Also keep an eye out for lingerie that tends to fray easily. If you want to avoid this problem, look for seamless panties. They are a great success, as they also do not mark the clothes. In addition, materials such as polyamide have low resistance and durability, unlike microfiber and normal polyester.

Realize and consider your body type

Some models look great on your friend, but don’t have the same fit on your body? It is very likely that this is because you have different types of bodies, and we are not talking about weight. When we buy the appropriate lingerie for our biotype, they fit like a glove, in addition to providing safety and comfort. That said, to make your choice easier, get to know the most common body types and try to identify yours in front of the mirror. Look –

  • Oval:  large and well rounded breasts,
  • Pear:  shoulders narrower than the hip area,
  • Hourglass:  shoulders and hips the same width. Thinner and more marked waist,
  • Inverted triangle:  shape opposite the leg, with the shoulders wider than the hip line,
  • Triangle silhouette:  less sharp curves. It has shoulders, hips and waist approximately the same width.


Combine the knowledge of your body type with the choice of high quality pieces, comfort and beauty. A genuine and reputed lingerie manufacturing company works only with fabrics of high durability and practicality so that, when buying your piece, you feel satisfied and even more beautiful. Therefore, in order to understand how to buy lingerie, it is important to take into account particularities that go beyond the model, such as size, type of fabric and your body type. Know the characteristics of your biotype and rock the look.