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Sewing Tutorial »How To Use Magnetic Abbreviations In A Magnetic Purse Snaps Wholesale

Learn how to use magnetic purse snaps wholesale for bags, purses and clutches. Have you been looking for another of my premium bag and clutch sewing patterns? Magnetic resonant add a professional look to your wallet and wallet projects and are very easy to use.

What is Magnetic Snaps?

They come in a variety of metals, such as gold, silver, copper, and ancient copper. The most common is a round shape but you can also see them rectangular or square. Magnetic resonants come in sizes ranging from 10mm to 18mm (usually measured in millimeters rather than inches).

Magnetic snaps are that can be used for accessories such as bags, clutches and bags it is also an invisible closure. 2 sides of the magnet snap making it easy to open and close with minimal resistance.

Tools needed

  • Magnetic Snap

These magnetic purse snaps wholesale are available on eBay, Amazon and local stores. They come in a variety of metals eg: gold, silver or copper.

  • Hammer

Fusible interfacing piece (about ¾ 2cm) square

Optional – fray stop solution

You will need Seam ripper, Exacto knife or small sharp scissors

So how do you use magnetic snaps to make magnetic purse snaps wholesale?

  • Step 1 – Divide

First, divide your magnetic snap into 4 pieces. You will see that you have male, female and 2 circular disks with holes in them. Normally, the male part will be in the paper bag and the female part will be on the body.

Make sure you cut out the pieces of your bag and add any specificity to the pattern before you start to make magnetic purse snaps wholesale.

  • Step 2 – Confirm

If your piece still has a small metal fusible interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric in the area you would like the magnet. When your bag is finished you don’t want to feel the magnetic legs of the fabric.

Other – If you do not have fusible fleece interfacing or if you are not deep enough, use a hearing aid. Once the snap is inserted the piece you feel will not move. With leather or vinyl bags, the sound can be held even in place with a little glue.

  • Step 3 – Marking

In the desired position to the right of the fabric place your circular disk and mark the rectangular lines on both sides.

How to use Magnetic abbreviations – Mark Position

Using a seam ripper, knife or sharp scissors, cut along the marked lines. Try not to overweight. Fusible interfacing usually stops cuts from rotting but if you have a rotten fabric you can add a few drops of Fray Stop for each cut.

  • Step 4 – Add Back

To the right of the cloth push the legs of the magnetic strip into the holes. If your fabric still looks thin you may want to add a piece of fabric or additional stitching to add thickness.

  • Step 5 – Repeat

Now use the other part of your magnet in the desired position using the same method.

  • Step 6: How to attach magnetic abbreviations

How to Use Magnetic Abbreviations – Fill in the Hammer