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Bruce Weber Highlights a Few Lighting Modifiers Frequently Used in the Fashion Photography Industry

Lighting has the ability to entirely change the outcome of a photograph. A lot of amateur fashion photographers start off their journey by using natural light, because it seems simpler. But once they begin to experiment with artificial lighting, they would understand that almost the same principles apply to it. Essentially, the photographers would be replacing the sun with a bulb or a flash.  Experienced fashion photographers like Bruce Weber are typically well-versed with lighting modifiers and know how to use them effectively to enhance their photos.

Power packs are an industry standard in photography studios across the world. They are pretty versatile and powerful, and tend to have a short recycling time and high flash power. A central generator is used for the power packs that allow for easy controls of light from a single location. The output from each head is quite flexible, and tends to be based on the power of the generator and input settings.  From time to time, a lot of fashion photographers use tungsten/hot lights as well even today. There is something very beautiful and raw about shooting in stillness, without having flashes firing away. Tungsten or hot lights also allow the photographers to see exactly how the light impacts the image with the model as they shoot.

When it comes to lighting modifiers, a beauty dish is considered to be one of the most popular items, and it is particularly crucial to fashion and beauty photography. A beauty dish can deliver the quality of light that is somewhere between soft and hard. The images shot with the beauty dish can give the skin of a model a gorgeous glow and sheen. Much like a hard light, it helps in the creation of stunning contrasts for sculpting features. But it also does not make shadows look harsh along the edges.

Giant parabolic umbrella is a popular modifier for portraits and fashion photography. It helps create delightful, even lighting over a large expanse of area. The spread of such umbrellas adds a great touch to photos. Owing to its size, a giant parabolic umbrella is ideal for photographing models in full-length fashion photography. In smaller modifiers, there can be the risk of light dropping off swiftly in the lower half of the frame, thereby creating murky details and tonal shifts in the lower part of the body of the model. On the other hand, a giant parabolic umbrella is capable enough to maintain details and colors throughout an image.

Due to its versatility, octabank has become another popular modifier. It is used for portrait, beauty and fashion shoots.  This lighting modifier helps add an even, beautiful texture to the shadows and light. It helps in the creation of a rounded and attractive gradient in the background when used without background fills. Experienced fashion photographers like Bruce Weber capably know how to use such modifiers and more.