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What You Need To Be A Good Fisherman

whether they are beginners or more experienced. Whether for fishing on the river, at sea, or even on private property, you need to know some basic techniques and information and also wear the right fishing clothes, before you start fishing.

  1. Silence At The Fishing Spot Is Essential

the silence when fishing is fundamental. Perhaps no fishing tip is as valuable as this one. Be silent, above all! And we say this because we know how a joint in the fishery can generate noise, but if you want to succeed and catch beautiful fish, you must keep silent around your fishing.

Most fish, especially in freshwater, can be repelled by excessive noise. This is the case of predators, such as Traire and Tucumcari, mainly the largest specimens, which focus on every self-respecting fisherman, but they are very skittish. So, if you want to catch that fishing trophy that makes you proud to be a fisherman, make little noise and focus on the ideal fishing strategy.

  1. Know Where It Is Best To Fish Locally

When you arrive at your fishing spot, depending on the size and volume of water, it can be a little confusing to know where to throw your fishing gear. Many places are so big that the fisherman may want to fill up with lines and waits all over the place, but he will not take good care of any. Then try to fish in places that you already know or that some fisherman friend already knows and give you information about the place.

This will give you a certain advantage when starting fishing, as the information you have will be like a shortcut to catch your fish.

  1. Owning The Right Baits

Each location is different about the ecosystem, fish, temperature, species feeding, human presence, etc. So, an extension of tip 2 is to know which bait you should use in each fishing location where you are fishing. It happens a lot, the cases in which the same fish species can feed differently in different environments. For example, Traíra, can feed on fish such as lambari, yam, and other small species, but in other locations, it will be possible to capture it with meat, shrimp, earthworms, and the most varied artificial baits. Discover 5 great natural baits for fishing Traíras.

  1. Locations With Logs And Vegetation Are Great Fishing Spots

This fishing tip is exciting since most fishers, at least those I know, have a real aversion to places with a lot of vegetation and logs. Here in the south, they even call it junk or lockers. Because you can bet that amid so much vegetation, there is always a predator lurking ready to attack your bait, be it natural or artificial.

And this characteristic serves both for fresh water, and in the sea, as the information is known that there are ships stranded on the coast in the wave, large fish end up inhabiting these hulls full of mussels, shellfish, and small fish.