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5 ways to prove to your partner how much you love them

It’s a good thing to make the people closest to our hearts feel loved every day. They should never feel unloved during the relationship because that could lead to problems.

Proving to your partner that you love them shouldn’t be hard. It should be easy and even come naturally. However, when you become comfortable in a relationship it’s easy to overlook the little gestures of love and their impact on your relationship. It’s easy to get carried away with life’s little pleasures such as vacations, parties, and maybe even road trips with our friends forgetting that boyfriend exists.

Spare some time and prove to your boyfriend or girlfriend how much you love and adore them. It will keep the relationship healthy and everyone happy.

With that said, this post is for the partner that’s finding it difficult to express their love to their partner. These 5 creative gestures will guide you on how you can show your better half that you love them. They should be able to work!

1. Spend quality time with them

Maybe you see your partner every day. Maybe they are the first person you talk to in the morning and the last ones you kiss goodnight. But does seeing each other every day mean you are showing you love them? Spending quality time with your partner does not only show you love them but also helps the relationship stay healthy and strong.

Quality time means spending time with your partner uninterrupted. During this time you can hold each other’s hands, cuddle, and caress and tickle each other. Acts like these are what prove to your partner you love them.

To be able to spend quality time with your partner, do the following:

  • Avoid scrolling through your phone when you’re alone together
  • Meet each other during lunch breaks
  • Value each other’s friendships and hobbies
  • Attend important events together
  • Make plans for a date
  • Commute home together

2. Use love language to express your feelings

What’s a love language? Gary Chapman’s book titled. “The 5 love languages” explains this very well. They are 5 different ways of expressing and receiving love. Through his book we learn about the 5 love languages which are words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, physical touch, and acts of service. It’s important to know which of these languages your partner values the most to know how to show them you love them.

You may think you know your partner’s love language when you’ve all along been wrong. Take-home tip is not to always assume you know, rather take your time getting to know them on a deeper level, and expressing your feelings will be easier.

3. Appreciate and compliment each other

At this very moment, rewind to the last reaction you last had with your partner in the morning. When the two of you were all rushing to have breakfast and get to work on time. Or even this evening when you called him up to remind him to pick up some milk at the supermarket on his way back home? Did you include phrases like, “you’re the best partner, I love you or I’m so lucky to have you” in your conversation? It’s so easy to forget to compliment your partner when you’re too busy working out life. But, these little compliments are the ones that will remind your partner you love them.

Try incorporating thoughtful little gestures in your everyday routine such as kissing them hello and saying good morning and goodnight, or even just posing to chat with them when they arrive home. All these are simple ways of saying I love you to your partner.

4. Complement her with a ring

Couples are used to only giving each other gifts at the beginning of the relationship. When the relationship matures, they forget such acts even exist. A gift mentality is and remains one of the best ways to show your partner you love them.

Choose any day out of your calendar and surprise your partner with a ring, such as a Claddagh ring or even an engagement ring if you like. There should at least be an element of surprise to this gesture. So when she’s not around or is busy around the house, slip the ring box into her purse or leave it on the kitchen table where she can see it. Besides it, you can leave a small note expressing how much you love her, or better yet, say it in person. An act such as this one demonstrates to your partner that you’re paying attention and you love them.

5. Listen to each other

Closely listen to your partner when they are speaking. Validate them by responding and participating during your conversations. As you should know, communication is a very key part of any relationship that’s why you should prioritize it. When you are your partner disagrees with something, it’s okay to let them know that you think differently. What is bad is when you keep it in and ignore them when they are trying to communicate with you. This will only create a wedge between the two of you and ensure that the other person never confides in you.


These are the little but most important gestures that prove to your partner you love them. Never forget that you are both on a journey together, the relationship should be a fun and pleasurable trip. If you feel like your partner isn’t being tender or affectionate towards you, you may take a step back and find out what you may be doing to contribute to the issue. If all fails, sit your partner down and communicate. Communication opens up doors and allows both of you to talk about each other’s feelings.

Try your best to be open about your expectations in the relationship. What you don’t like and like, open up about it. Relationships work when both partners each give a little on their part. Otherwise, proving to your partner that you love them is that easy.