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Cultural Dress Of people In Malaysia

Cultural dresses represent the culture of a place and the country. These dresses are worn specifically at festivals. Malaysia is rich in its history and tradition. People residing here have diversity in their culture and cultural dress. In this article, we will be knowing about the cultural dress of Kadazan Dusun, Bidayuh, Iban people. Any people needing to sew their cultural dresses can visit a Sri Rampai tailor.

Kadazan Dusun

They are the largest ethnic group of Bumiputra in Sabah. Kaubasanan costume is the traditional custom of this group of people. This costume is made up of black velvet fabric and is decorated with the addition of flowers, beads, golden laces, colored buttons, giving unique designs.

“Gaung” is a traditional costume worn by males and Sinuangga is worn by females. “Sinuangaa” simply means a blouse with short sleeves. Thirty or more gold buttons are sewn in “Sinuagga”. “Gaung” means a long-sleeved t-shirt without having any embroidery. Siga is worn in the head as a hat. “Souva” is a black trouser that generally is worn with the waistband. Different variations and designs are observed with the people of different regions.


Men of this community wear “tahup”, headgear known as “burangsumba”, and sometimes armlets are known as ‘kima”. Women generally wear blouses either sleeveless or short sleeves along with skirts known as “jomuh”. Different matching accessories like “selapai”, “sipiah”, “pangiahet” are also worn. Bidayuh vest is the identity of Bidayuh men and t must be worn during festivals, meetings, and dinner.

Ceramic beads and pendants are used to make “pangiah” which is a bead necklace. Either natural tooth of animal or artificial tooth is used for pendants. It is the identity of Bidayuh women and must be worn in daily life and other cultural functions and festivals.


They are also known as Sea Dayaks. They are native of Borneo Island. “MarikEmpang” and “Kian kebat” is a traditional custom for women of this community. Beads and hand-stitched cotton are combined to make marikempang and it generally comes in red color. Iban women must wear this cloth at any of their festivals. They need to wear this on their traditional dance performance. A colorful stripe pattern is used to decorate kiankebat.

“Sirat” and kelambi are traditional dresses of men. It comes as both sleeveless and with sleeves. Men wear this cloth at their traditional festival. Generally, men wear sirat along with a belt, anklet, and armlet made from silver, and headgear also.

This is about the cultural dress of different communities of people living in Malaysia. Furthermore, people wanting to make new traditional costumes or needing alterations & repairs service can visit Lai Chain Fashion.