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The Best Meal Replacement Shakes You Can Find

Meal replacement shakes are drinks intended to substitute solid for better control of calorie consumption. Meal replacement shakes, in general, are usually used for healthy weight management. The calorie and nutrient content is the determiner for the shake type.

Meal replacement shakes are usually consumed when you want to save meal preparation time. A shake can come in already prepared liquid form or powdered form to mix into water or milk. Meal replacement shakes are meant to provide you with a meal’s worth of necessary nutrients.

Meal replacement shakes for weight loss

When you seek to manage your weight, there are many options out there. But a broadly acceptable means to achieve the desired result is through dieting. With meal replacement shakes, you may not need to miss your meal or go hungry to achieve your desired result.

In some dieting plans, meal replacement shakes are taken in place of one or two meals to help maintain a given calorie intake. Most meal replacement shakes contain between 200 and 400 calories depending on the constituent ingredients. The nutritional value is also essential when you are considering a good meal replacement shake.

Though it is not advisable to live solely on meal replacement shakes, utilizing it could be beneficial. You can use a meal replacement shake by using it to supplement your natural food intake.       

How to know a great meal replacement shake

Here are some factors to take into consideration when you seek a good meal replacement shake;

  • A good meal replacement shake has to have the necessary nutrients that need to be consumed in a regular meal. You do not want to lose essential nutrients because you are replacing your meals.
  • A good meal replacement shake has to have low-calorie content.
  • It should be filling to help curb appetite.
  • It should also be convenient to use and easy to consume
  • Should contain between 200 and 250 calories

A great meal replacement shake is the Nutrimeal 28-day Variety Pack.

USANA Nutrimeal

Nutrimeal was developed by USANA to help people who need to maintain a healthy weight management. It was created to contain excellent nutritional values that supplement your meals. In addition, it was designed to help those who need perfect nutrition, even if they are swamped.

Nutrimeal was produced using a low-glycemic formula that is effective in supporting weight management. With this low glycemic formula, there are loads of protein and dietary fiber to supply you with a filling meal. This filling meal is not just that; the nutrients inherent are essential, and it is pretty delicious. There are two flavors to help meet your needs: vanilla and chocolate.

Health benefits of Nutrimeal

  1. Low glycemic index effective in helping decrease your craving for carbohydrate and keep you energized
  2. Gluten-free
  3. It contains 15 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber.
  4. It contains complete GMO-free protein
  5. Contains 240 calories


It is advisable not to completely do away with real food in favor of meal replacement shakes. But if your dietician proposes a meal replacement diet for you, now you know the product to go for.

A helpful tip is to remain consistent too. When you embark on a meal replacement plan, it is advisable to continue till your goals are achieved. Stopping midway is usually not any better than if you had not started in the first place. Best of luck!