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Major Advantages Of Using SVG In Your Design

Life Is Better With A Drummer SVG - Gravectory

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is perhaps the best thing that has happened to the developer and design community so far.

SVG is a XML-based vector image format that is used for only 2-dimensional graphics that can support animation and interactivity. These kinds of files exist in XML text files, which means that they can be scripted, indexed, compressed, and searched.

Using SVG format in your design can benefit you in many ways. You can buy SVG files for Cricut and create the best design for yourself. But before that let’s take a look at the advantages of SVG:

  1. Use SVG for your brand logo

Using an SVG file for your brand logo can help you make it look clear and sharp, regardless of the logo size. If you use compatible SVG files, it will help you extract colours from your logo and change them as per your liking. For instance, you can create single-color versions of your logo. You will find many site from where you can download SVG for Cricut.

  1. Mobile ready

Another good thing about SVG files is that it is always mobile ready. It doesn’t matter how small or big your SVG files are, it will always make your graphics look sharp, clear, and pixel perfect. Just to make it clear, it is not exactly about the size, it is about the format of the content.

  1. Upload illustrations, clipart, icons, etc

Whether you need an icon, a new illustration, or clipart, you can always rely on SVG. It is the go-to format for uploads. This is because it doesn’t change the quality even when you resize them. Using SVG files in your design can help you get the most out of your graphics. The best thing about SVG is that it is infinitely scalable and this is why SVG images doesn’t get pixelated. It can maintain the aspect ratio, so that the graphics remain clear and sharp.

  1. Redesign & recolour your design 

So you have created a simple logo using only one colour (white) and you want to upload your logo on the banner ad. But the banner ad is designed with white colours, which means you will need to change the logo colour. In this case using an SVG file will make it easier for you to change the colour.

SVG files are considered the best when it comes to designing. It makes your work 10x easier than other formats.