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What Is The Difference Between Knitting And Crocheting?

People choose knitting and crocheting to enjoy relax and create a fabric they can really use. Both are popular craft hobbies and work with needles or hooks and yarns. The tools needed and the knitting or crocheting process is different.


Two pointed stainless steel knitting needles and yarn is required. Needles are available in different thickness and lengths. Besides, stainless steel needles there is other materials like wood, bamboo, aluminum, and plastic. The yarn can be natural or synthetic fiber, which can be fluffy, smooth, thin, and thick.

Beginners can choose simple projects like shawl or scarves because there is no need to follow some pattern. For knitting sweater with different colors and patterns, you will need pattern reading skills. Beginners need to learn two basic knitting stich types – plain and purl. By blending these basic stitches a ribbed, stretchy knitted fabric is created.


  • Easy to learn
  • Knitted fabric has more swathes that many people adore.
  • Knitted items are stretchy depending on stitches used.
  • Skilled knitters create high quality knit clothes you can purchase from the stores.


  • While knitting stiches get dropped, if you are not careful and this can mess the entire project.
  • The process takes time, so there is a need for patience in knitting.
  • Knitting needles make clicking sound that many people dislike.


Crotchet hooks differ from the knitting needles. There is a single hook with a handle to grip at one end and hook on the other. Unlike knitting, there is no need to transfer stitches in crocheting.

The hook size to choose will depend on the crocheting project and yarn you will use. Yarns for knitting and crocheting are same. Yarns are available in multiple colors, thickness, and textures.

Four basic stitches are used – chain, single, double, and half-double crotchet. Crotchet stiches look like a chain of tiny knots and the fabric is less stretchy. It even looks bumpy than the knitted fabric.

When you choose the basic supplies ensure to check the classic wooden crotchet hooks available in different sizes that can help you to create projects using bulky yarn.


  • A single hook is used instead of two needles meaning few tools to lose or drop.
  • Crocheting is easy once you learn the basics because there are no stitches to be moved back & forth between two needles.
  • Unlike knitting, the possibility of accidental unraveling is less.
  • Crochet pieces are stiff, so is ideal for blankets or other projects that don’t need the look of flowing drape.


  • More yarn is used in crotchet project than in knitting ones thus can be expensive.
  • In comparison to knitting patterns, crotchet designs are less available.

Beginners need to start their crocheting or knitting projects with simple things like scarves, washcloths, blankets and hats. It will offer them a chance to practice the basic stiches, while creating usable pieces or gifts.

Experience in using the crochet hooks and knitting needles as well asgaining knowledge about following the patterns help you to experiment with complicated projects like knitted sweaters or patchwork quilts. For clothes, knitting is preferred method because fabric created is draped and stretchy with fine texture. Many even crotchet large pieces because crocheting is quick than knitting